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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry is a big issue. our
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guys it's time for tonight's told time award and tonight it goes to u.s. president barack obama is right the obama administration has gotten heat over the last few years by maintaining the long held tradition of giving cushy government jobs to fundraisers or bundlers but you're people who pool a large number of campaign contributions from pacs and individuals the last summer it was revealed that one third of the obama campaign bundlers or their spouses join
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the administration in some way and twenty four of his embassador boyfriends were also bundlers and that's a little weird to people given that when he announced that he would be running for president this is what he had to say about the influence of money in washington. just look she's over the confetti is swept away almost from space never. looks like a few of obama's promises gods will have to wait with the confetti to now this week it was revealed that yet a nother fund bassett or yes we made that word up ran their embassy into the ground back in two thousand and eight nicole avant was an obama campaign fundraiser from los angeles she's a socialite a part time actor is a music executive whose father once ran motown records so here is yvonne to scuffing the success of obama's campaign fundraising in california. california is. responsible for twenty percent of the seven hundred fifty million dollars raised in the campaign. now yvonne herself was able to bundle over five hundred thousand
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dollars of southern california money for the obama campaign but don't worry because of hard work didn't go without reward obama gave her what every socialite needs an extended caribbean vacation as in the position of the u.s. ambassador to the bahamas but unfortunately like many other fund basters before her obama wasn't as good at being a diplomat as she was getting celebrities to sign checks see this week the state department released an inspector general's report on the embassy in the bahamas and it appears that before leaving her post in november to return to the hollywood fund raising scene avant wasn't really running the embassy at all so actually avant was away from the embassy two hundred seventy six days between september of two thousand and nine and november of two thousand and eleven not only that the investigation also found that cables written during a time there show little political reporting or analysis on key issues and the bahamas and the u.s. work together on things like international crime or drug smuggling but may not have
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had time to address the hard hitting issues that face that region she was able to bring in magic johnson to speak to the bahamian chamber of congress isn't the first fundraiser to raise eyebrows either right we have howard goodman the u.s. ambassador to belgium he caused controversy over statements about israel anti-semitism cynthia's from the ambassador to luxembourg she was accused of running the embassy in an aggressive and a bullying manner but now the violent safely back in hollywood doing as she does best make a hosting celebrity fundraiser attended by the first lady herself maybe the u.s. embassy the bahamas can actually get back on track but we're going against promises to avoid ambassadors with actual foreign policy experience and instead of doing them out to the highest bidder president barack obama is tonight's tool time winner . now innocent until proven guilty that's where the phrase goes right. not so much in california where a ballot measure passed in two thousand and four requiring police to take d.n.a.
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samples of everybody who's arrested on a felony charge arrested not convicted just arrested and guess what if you're one of the ten or one hundred thousand people every year in california who is arrested for a crime and later cleared or rested and never charged well it seems like you're out of luck because your d.n.a. information will be in the police database forever period so say that you're the occupy l.a. protester that was arrested last month on the felony charges of lynching that's right along to protect people in police custody geared towards protecting blacks from racist mobs being used against occupiers well the charge hold up in court well maybe not but it doesn't matter because the young man's d.n.a. is already in the system forever and so far the courts the courts have sworn to uphold and protect the constitution they're totally on board here it's something that we've spoken about before and just yesterday they reaffirmed their position when they upheld the law a.c.l.u. is challenging the two thousand and four ballot measure and not the part of the requires d.n.a. collection for people convicted just of the mass collection of people not convicted
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or not under the supervision of the criminal justice system because it was guess what those people have from protections from they probably heard those words of for unreasonable search and seizure yeah that rings a bell because it's part of the bill of rights it's the fourth amendment that old rag but i guess it's really not that big of a deal anymore to the court made up of two conservative judges one liberal way the interest of the government against the privacy rights of arrestees and surprise surprise they came out on the side of government and law enforcement now the most depressing part of it here is nothing new just yesterday we spoke about the weakening of miranda rights by not only the administration but also the courts and today weakening of protection and yet another way more of your rights flying out the window without much fanfare because people think of these rules. things don't actually apply to that people assume with i'll never be falsely arrested i'll never be monitored or spied on the and never be interrogated because they're good law abiding citizens well guess what once you start giving up your rights without so
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much it was a fight pretty soon you're going to wake up and realize that you don't have any left. now the onslaught of crazy legislation continues as the house g.o.p. of utah passed a bill h.b. three six three that allows schools to skip on sex education classes and perhaps it's instruction in the use of contraception sex outside of marriage or homosexuality another bill that aims to take this country backwards but it's not just happening on a state level lately we've been hearing a lot coming from the g.o.p. the presidential candidates in particular over issues of contraception and some people out there questioned as to whether these religious beliefs morality whether it's even relevant whether it should be brought up in a presidential debate if you ask me hearing what these men think definitely matters . this is come up yes it has come up because of the president's decision in the campaign it's also come up because of some of the things you have said on the campaign trail when you were campaigning in iowa you told an evangelical blog if elected you will talk about what quote no president has talked about before the
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dangers of contraception why everything's going to be fine there are bigger problems at stake in america and someone is going to go out there i will talk about the things and you know what here's the difference the left gets all upset over look at him talking about these things you know here's the difference between me and the left and they don't get this just because i'm talking about it doesn't mean i want to government program to fix it that's what they do that's not what. so what the g.o.p. is all for my goal here at the battle over sex i think bound to lose or to discuss with me is james columnist for the daily caller james thanks for joining us tonight . i mean how do you see this jeffrey let's talk about some of the crazy legislation that i think is just straight up crazy that we're seeing in some of these states other trans national ultrasound now here you have people saying that if you want to you don't have to teach sex ed and if you do you don't teach about contraception i do think it will social conservatives are the tough spot they have been pushed i
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think by the left over a number of decades into a position where they think the only thing they can do to protect their way of doing things is about nationalizing all these issues and politicizing all these issues i think of taking away other people's rights basically the point is that it's a strategy that's not working if you can get through the rate it is true in the bush administration in the first george h.w. bush administration and be at a point where you know you feel like you're reykjavik cerys maybe you should adopt a different strategy so my claim to them would be like look guys regardless of sort of where this is coming for you hope to achieve just based on the results that you've made to to wring out of the system which are really hardly any i mean abortion hasn't changed they're really not moving the mark on many of these things i think it's time to take a different approach well you could give them a strategy to follow what would be. gosh well you know i think that the strategy. take birth control for let's let's do let's do this education instead. ok what's is is that. public education the place where your child is going to
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learn really learn internally sort of what their moral code is when it comes to having a sex life or not having a sex life is that the best place where you're going to find that kind of education to i think the answer is going to be no i don't care if they're teaching abstinence only or teaching abstinence plus contraception whatever the overarching issue should be hey if this is a question of sort of how how you're going to live your life and how your parents want you to live your life how your church wants you live your life and how you want to live your life that's an argument that isn't going to play out very well if it's being conducted in the classroom it's not the right site for that kind of time but if you don't think that it should be taught at all in schools made at the end of the day this isn't just about how you want to live your life and what kind of decisions you're going to make in your morality this ends up being a public health issue and so this is just why it's so crazy to me that we like to claim that sexual sex ed in school isn't something that is a part of public health that is a necessary part of your education in prison i mean anything that you make up it was crazy to me is how many things can be put in the public health basket it seems like nowadays any time you want to pass a law and you want to regulate behavior you say well this is
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a public health issue so of course you don't take it i think it's like subjugation as a public health issue well i think you know you have to go about as you do you that hiv and you know the dangers not to mention pregnancy what if their parents never taught about the birds in the b. well look i don't think that the outcome of our argument about whether or not it is a public health issue or to what degree it is a public health issue is going to give us the right kind of minister about whether or not that's the kind of thing that we will see you think of any to use a different strategy i'm really curious as to why it is that this is coming out now it seems like for decades we've seen a certain amount of progress and as you said i guess that means the conservatives have been losing but suddenly it just seems like there's a really violent and radical reaction to it is that obama you know what is it that's making the time so right you know it's an interesting question i think there are a number of cultural factors that work with the. the political spark that really set it off is i think the obama administration's decision or obama's decision really because guys like joe biden said maybe not to go forward with with the birth control stuff that triggered hit a nerve among catholics and you know it's not all catholics but it's enough that
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it's enough of the powerful catholics that you know usually is that right the smaller population that has a lot of power because a majority of catholics if you look at it surveyed it didn't trigger and therefore all but a majority of catholics also respect the authority of the church and so the issue is when obama goes after the catholics in this way that's a vein of discontent that hasn't been tapped in the way that like protestant outrage over sort of some of the things that the president that's pretty much been wrong you've had even joke leaders over the past couple years say guys we lost the culture wars you know it's time to basically pack it up or circle the wagons for catholics who for many years have been trying to play nice and look like the good guys a lot of them have been sort of quietly to rush it over to i mean i don't know i don't think unesco they could agree here because they didn't have to be a culture war because that's really just saying that if you employ thousands of people if you are a religious institution but your hospital your school you just have to give them all the options everyone else gets right is already have these crazy exemptions for anything else my country but i want to bring something else that receives the words
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that we're running out of the constitution is biased in favor of religion not like it or not ok you know we're already running out of times i want to get to one more thing which is that you wrote a piece lately. looking at this entire. looking at this debate over contraception and you asked what women are for and you got a lot of heat for it so i want to hear more from the oh well you know here's what i did in the column i said why is it they were talking about culture war stuff again where is this coming from what's the question that everyone's arguing about and you know i think it might be controversial to frame it this way but it's also i think it gets us to a point in the conversation where we're actually trying were doing a better job understand what's going on you think people are not in a at the bottom like the end of the day the question here is what women are for and that's the issue over contraception it's not how do we help them live their lives because you know. they're human beings that's like asking what are men for i mean this is a question that i guess you could say it's a philosophical question that we always all try to answer which is why are we here but when you say what are women if you act like they're just a tool in man's world for you to debate over what you think their purpose should be
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there are a lot of people in united states who still believe that there is some kind of connection that has real significance between our natural bodies and sort of what it is that we that we can or should do with those bodies if you think that completely separating our natural bodies from sort of what it is that we do and what it is that we choose to do is a good idea you know that's fine we can have the discussion but if you think that arguing that there is some connection is some kind of weirdness to that i think you're just far outside the mainstream of american i think it has nothing to do with argument there is no connection at all as you know that you only want to claim that there's a connection you want to talk about from a female perspective you know at the end of the day it takes two people it takes a male and a female in order to reproduce and so you know nobody is going after male sterilization in the same way except for we've seen one lawmaker in georgia bring it out which i only used a joy but it's just very very one sided is unfortunate well there are a lot of people with one sided views and you know we're going to have to figure out some way of unity of the even if you are moving forward or just being led in this
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endless war for i got to wrap it up but we're going to have happier in a few minutes james thanks so much. for a last break of the evening when we come back for now fireside friday and on happy hour that has grifter walters into a dead heat and flux are big fans of chuck norris and john edwards sex tape is going to be destroyed only cardassian and so much. people calling like you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting. if you can hear behind me loud explosions.
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i got it gave. a. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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to tonight's fireside fridays with your host of the nine cops. this week the obama administration introduced a consumer privacy bill of rights is a little mix of old and new way to talk about privacy as a right that individuals should be able to hold onto despite living in a world where so much of what we do what we search for what we buy what we say who we talk to so much of it is so easily trackable online well because that's what we're doing online or because we might be doing it on our smartphones so i find it very interesting that the administration would come in and try to assure the people
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try to say don't worry we won't let companies take advantage of you and we propose regulations to save you from their all seeing all knowing and all selling eyes at the end of the day so forget. the tracking on their part is all about the bottom line the more information of the companies out there have about you the more they track your preferences and the more products someone is going to sell but we call this a bill of rights that's where i think we have to apply a little bit of scrutiny i think about the original bill of rights right within our constitution it's there to protect us from the government that outlines those inalienable rights of the government can't infringe upon can't take away our protection from tyranny the founding principle in this country and so for the government aka the obama administration in this case to create a new bill of rights that addresses are changing understanding of what privacy is in a digital world and then only apply to business and exempt the government when as well it makes a whole lot of sense now does it especially not if we consider how much the information
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that the government gathers on all of us on any given day so called war on terror has allowed the government to justify a surveillance state first it was warrantless wiretapping then the patriot act and there are countless new bills brought up in congress every session that are sold as cyber security or pornography counterfeiting letters countering legislation and in fact to do things like force companies to retain consumer information for longer periods of time so the authorities can get their hands on it. now the obama administration is currently arguing to the supreme court that they should dismiss a lawsuit brought up by the a.c.l.u. that attacks the fai's amendments act and challenges it as dragnet surveillance which let's face it it is so here's the point behind all of this yes we have a consumer duty protections and policies to be put in place that safeguard our data and our privacy companies need to be more honest they need to be more transparent we should have choices we should be able to opt in to sharing our information if we wish to do so but excuse me for being the cynical one here and pointing out the
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obvious and administration endorsed consumer privacy bill of rights isn't exactly the right name for a proposal that has nothing to safeguard our privacy from. the government though seems to me like more of a distraction technique to avert our eyes from the affronts made by the government on to the original bill of rights or the first amendment the fourth amendment for example so in my mind it just doesn't like. i got idea time for a happy hour and joining me this evening andrew blake r t web writer and james pullos columnist at the daily caller. hey guys a lot of long time to see james oh yeah let's talk about this story there's no video but it's just too good fifty two year old man was arrested in madison first
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strolling into a denny's announcing that he was the new general manager sent from corporate he made himself a burger and fries then people obviously called corporate found out of this guy was lying and as they were dragging him out he just said that's why you don't dad in dash i must correct you when no one strolls into a denny's he either drunkenly staggered or used a walker because there's no other way to enter a disease. that's pretty good though i just like the fact that he's with his excuse was oh i'm from corporate and everyone was just like paralyzed with fear they're like oh god what's mr one thing we do or you do and he. i feel sorry for the guy to fix the ball the. i'm the manager make me a burger make me a sandwich i guess he made it for himself which you know when i go to a denny's which is often because i'm very wealthy and i do these kind of things every now and i splurge but when i go to a denny's i like to make sure they have a good two hour window afterwards i have no further than like eight inches from the toilet and this guy is probably in jail. jenny says disgusting and i
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just discussed maybe you're going to the wrong denny's under surprise is going to say like i need like thirty servings of fries yeah denny's as far as i'm concerned it's like hangover food like maybe you know danny that he really didn't abuse any really just as they were from corporate through just a burger you can go anywhere so you got to take our let's move on to sort of disgusting maybe creepy but this is a new thing that kale is basically testing out it's called meat and take a look. handing me. a new surveys to see who else is on well before you depart you know if you're into continental flight. simply connect with your big deal. facebook account to few other passing just proof of. ira what do you think i think that this sounds like more linked in space. no i
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don't know it's all right i mean why not you know why not let the people decide who they want to sit next to i guess. what would be a disaster if you had to do it like in the terminal this would be like those horrible saying over and over we can feel like yelling through and thinking right if you're like me doing then sit next to you. usually usually just a stone to be going so much more miserable experience for women than it would be for men because obviously you got all the creepers that like you see a photo and they all want to sit next to the hot chick i don't know if a women don't want to sit next to the hot guy but probably chances are you know you are. never going to go ignored and i don't know where i'm going but i just really that would suck more if you're in their eyes that they're more desperate. i just i don't it's dumb it's dumb i think that the people who are going to use this are the people who think that they fry for i fly fly frequently enough so that they're picky but at the same time can't afford like extra fifty dollars for first class and already have that room so who are these who are these people alone who have you
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know i mean i give you fly all the time for business then hopefully you're not flying. a lot of people still do it so it could be a good networking experience but i just think that it borders on a little bit of creepy personally for a bit in the future will just fly space but facebook in space because facebook facebook we love space around here you get that ok let's talk about it i don't know why but everyone on the planet just happened to think that this guy is cool. the folks at total gym have asked me to take sixty seconds to tell you why i use the total gym. my plan to secure the border two words chuck norris. there on. the right because chuck norris. i'm chuck norris and i approve this game. so the latest one is it turns out the flock of even voting overwhelmingly in favor of naming
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a new pedestrian and cycling bridge near their capital for chuck norris that still has to go to a regional assembly and the governor says you know if it's the people's will that it shall be named after chuck norris but really it's about the high why it struck gore is just so revered especially whether. it's destiny in bridge. or in. any ideas here when we start seeing like temples or like even bigger sort of more striking than mormons temples but they're built to chuck norris then we can probably say that's freemasonry you know right. so this is what the freemasons need to do is if they just like associate themselves with chuck norris like two or three weeks ago i was going to be free to. get behind that i think we just gave. our welcome since let's move on to our last one and i did like really could care less about john edwards but basically he got the news about his
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state the court took a look. at a two year legal battle over john edwards sex tape is over a settlement was reached between edwards' mistress rielle hunter and his former aide andrew young he has given up the ownership he claimed he had over that tape and a judge ordered that it must be destroyed within three days. i find this stuff kind of weird because why can't they just make him bring it to court and they destroy a pair that everybody sees the evan now he has thirty days to go back and re watch this thing god knows what the phrasing of he gave up the ownership he claimed. yeah . it's just this is bizarre to me that you need a court these days to tell you to destroy a sex tape i don't know why would you destroy it i think it's a travesty why didn't they have a go a little baby didn't they have the sex and they had a baby they have a child what if this was the sex that made the baby was this is how you like when you don't use contraception this would be chapter one of. the first page and
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they're just getting rid of it that's like that's the most precious thing that you could have to remember your child i think like the old wheezer member like like ok you know our child i mean you know i was like rats and stuff you know it's a matter of public health right it's a matter of. the children it's for the children you know but the court is destroying it ok i'll say kind of course they are going to do they actually got to wrap it up thanks for joining me tonight absolutely that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back next week in the meantime don't forget to go to the launch on facebook because it's on twitter if there's anything you ever miss it's all of you tube dot com slash the on the hill and coming up next it's. well into the future to the peaks of the looking glass at what will be the homes of
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the future where the walls might just be smarter than the residence every day trash protects you from the elements outside and the whole system works to save you money to shine the spotlight on the latest building projects all around russia technology i'm doing here on r.g.p. please go to some church. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are old today. the admission of free credit a should free in-store judges free. agent free. free.
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free. download free blog videos. free media. you. get to see a story. and then. you hear see some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture. above. the mock up apologies are not enough. they have to be put on trial and the culprit should face the law president obama offers a formal apology to the afghan people.


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